Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Leggo My Bug! Lego Introduces 1167-Piece Classic Volkswagen Beetle Kit


Lego just keeps finding new ways to drain our pockets—and not because various staff members’ children are pining for the plastic-brick-based toys. We, a group of full-grown adults, keep buying Legos (for ourselves) because Lego keeps introducing new kits modeled after classic cars. (Well, that and Star Wars kits, but let’s not get carried away here.) There is the Ferrari F40 that this author owns, the Mini Cooper (also in the fleet), the Volkswagen T1 Camper (the boss has one), not to mention the recently introduced Porsche 911 GT3 RS (must. buy. now.), Batman’s Tumbler, and a Mercedes-Benz Unimog. And now, this, a classic Volkswagen Beetle made up of over 1167 pieces.

Right away, we’re going to badger you with the same question we’re asking ourselves: On what else are you planning to spend $99.99 on in the coming months? That’s not a whole lot of dough, considering the hours (okay, maybe days) of entertainment it will take to put the kit together. And once it’s all snapped together, it makes epic desk art. Size-wise, the 11.4-inch-long, 4.3-inch-wide Beetle falls in line with other Lego car models from the “Creator” series, falling closer in size to the Ferrari F40 and Mini Cooper models than the larger VW T1 Camper van. Decide for yourself where it falls on the cute scale.


The Bug kit consists mostly of azure blue–colored pieces, while the interior is tan and the bumpers are gray. The doors, hood, and trunk are operable; the front lid opens to reveal the spare tire and fuel tank, while the rear aperture opens to give a view of the air-cooled flat-four engine. Kudos to Lego’s designers for successfully transferring the spirit of the mostly round Type 1 Beetle into a model kit made up mostly of square-shaped bricks, although the special fender pieces certainly help. Like the Mini Cooper and Volkswagen T1 Camper kits that came before it, the ’60s-era Beetle comes with a picnic set, albeit with a beach-themed twist. The “blanket” is striped like a beach rug should be, and the Bug even sports a roof rack for carrying a tiny cooler and a surfboard. We’re anticipating that our office Lego fleet will grow by one come August 1, when the Bug goes on sale via Lego stores and online.


from Car and Driver Blog http://blog.caranddriver.com/leggo-my-bug-lego-introduces-1167-piece-classic-volkswagen-beetle-kit/

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