Friday, June 3, 2016

Deez DoNuts: Nissan Celebrates National Doughnut Day the Right Way

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We love a good doughnut. We also love a good donut. So Nissan’s latest publicity trick, which combines our two loves, really speaks to our savage souls.

In celebration of National Doughnut Day, Nissan tossed Formula Drift driver Chris Forsberg the keys to a 350-hp Nissan 370Z Nismo and had him do donuts. But these aren’t just any donuts, as Frosberg’s donuts are actually helping make doughnuts—or at least assisting in putting the the finishing touches on some doughnuts. With more than 2800 pounds of sprinkles spread across a studio floor, Forsberg made 15 sprinkle-filled, tail-out passes to properly bathe 325 freshly fried doughnuts in the small and colorful confectionery.

This isn’t the first stunt Nissan’s carried out that’s made our eyes glaze over with excitement. Most recently, Nissan enlisted Forsberg to drift a bulky NV3500 HD cargo van to celebrate April Fool’s Day. We’re not sure what Nissan has planned for its next antic, but we’re anxious to find out. To paraphrase the poet Dylan Thomas, donut go gentle into that good night, Nissan.

from Car and Driver Blog

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