Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hyundai Creates Exoskeleton Robot Suit Thing for Humans

Hyundai exoskeleton prototype

Now here’s a head-scratcher for you: Hyundai, known primarily as a purveyor increasingly excellent but otherwise entirely mainstream vehicles, has announced that it is working on a so-called wearable “Iron Man suit.” Forget being “first” to in-car Android Auto integration—this is the Hyundai tech we’re officially most interested in now.

Hyundai exoskeleton prototype

Hyundai isn’t far off in associating its exoskeleton suit to that worn by Iron Man, for it’s very literally a mechanized contraption that straps over a users’s torso, arms, and legs. The human at the controls can then manipulate the robot’s arms and legs, and as you’d expect, those limbs are far more powerful than the average person’s weak sticks. According to reports from Korea— Hyundai’s description of the suit, which appeared on its Korean website’s blog along with photos, is in Korean, which Google roughly translated for us—the suit helps the wearer lift hundreds of pounds, and it can also be used as a physical therapy aid. Beyond those tidbits, Hyundai also promises that it is working to commercialize the suit for sale to factories, rehab facilities, and even the military.

In the meantime, consider yourself warned, Asimo—Honda may have taught you to play soccer, but Hyundai’s chasing robot bad-assery here.

from Car and Driver Blog http://blog.caranddriver.com/hyundai-creates-exoskeleton-robot-suit-thing-for-humans/

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