Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ferrari Redesigned This 458 to Make It Extra Speciale

-Ferrari’s options list is extensive to say the least, but if you pony up enough cash, you can have the company customize your car virtually any way you like. That’s what one British owner did, which resulted in this, the one-off 458 Speciale MM. The MM takes the running gear of the amazing 458 Speciale and wraps it up in new bodywork with styling cues from the new 488 GTB and the classic 288 GTO.

The black-painted A-pillar is a nod to the 288 GTO, while the 458 Speciale MM looks quite a lot like a LaFerrari in profile, with its angled rear deck spoiler and lower nose. Ferrari fit a unique set of wheels to this car, and the rear lights came off the 488 GTB. We think the wrap-around greenhouse and sloping roof calls to mind the Lotus Evora, but that’s no bad thing.

458 Speciale MM

The bodywork is made out of aluminum while the front and rear bumpers are made from carbon fiber. Don’t street park it.

Ferrari says the mechanicals are all the same as the standard 458 Speciale, but performance could be quite different because of the new aerodynamics. The company hasn’t released performance figures, and it doesn’t really need to since the car is already sold.

458 Speciale MM

Customized Ferraris can be a dubious proposition, but the 458 Speciale MM is excellent. The only problem with it is that you’ll likely never be able to get your hands on it, since, you know, there’s only one.

This story originally appeared on Road & Track via PistonHeads.

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