Wednesday, May 4, 2016

BurgerMog! This Mercedes Unimog Food Truck Makes Helsinki’s Best Hamburgers

Unimog Food Truck

Over 65 years, the square-jawed Mercedes-Benz Unimog has worked all kinds of jobs—troop transport, crane, ambulance, general badass—but aside from camper conversions, it’s never done much cooking. Now, however, in Finland’s capital of Helsinki, there’s a Unimog smoking meats and grilling hamburgers. It’s lunchtime, and we’d really like to order from this Unimog food truck.

Food photographer Sami Repo took a Unimog U 318—a light-duty model, relatively speaking—and plopped a gourmet kitchen on the back, replete with a stainless steel barbecue oven, copper water boiler, gas stove, Edison bulbs on a white tiled wall, and pictures of whales. Hungry customers practically hike up a grandstand to approach Repo, who stands behind a giant Dutch door with floor-to-ceiling windows and a small stone serving counter.

Unimog Food Truck

Repo made the BurgerMog after visiting the food-truck haven of Austin, Texas several years ago, and now takes it around Helsinki, to his farm in Simpele, as well as to birthday parties and catering events that can accommodate his enormous 4×4. We don’t really know if Repo makes Helsinki’s best burgers, but they’re probably the city’s best burgers ever served out of a Unimog.

Unimog Food Truck

Repo’s food truck isn’t the only well-known Unimog eatery, either. A few years ago, a Seattle coffee business called Motofish caffeinated a 1977 Unimog camper into a mobile cafe, with camouflage. Unimoggers, consider this an open invitation to park outside our office with your rigs and serve us delicious fares. Please, just don’t crawl over our long-term Camaro SS.

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