Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Jaguar Land Rover Incorporates Tile Stuff-Finding App into Infotainment System

Jaguar Land Rover Tile

Those among us who are prone to losing stuff—a wallet, a phone, keys, you get the idea—know what Tile is. The Tile ecosystem consists of a smartphone app and a bunch of tile-shaped, Bluetooth-linked widgets that you can attach to various household objects to help you locate them. Rig up your oft-misplaced possessions with a Tile tile and simply call up the app to help you find them. For the first time, you can do this reconnoissance via your car’s infotainment system, well, so long as you own a new Jaguar Land Rover product with the automaker’s latest InControl in-car tech setup.

Jaguar Land Rover Tile

Jaguar Land Rover claims it is the first automaker to integrate the Tile app into its infotainment system. (Using the InControl smartphone app—which must be downloaded to one’s iOS or Android smartphone—and the phone’s Bluetooth connection, compatible apps on the user’s phone can be manipulated via the car’s controls and touch screen.) With Tile, a Jaguar or Land Rover owner can now call up a list of items (“Essentials”) with tiles they track via the car’s display and check if any aren’t in the car with them. Users can add any number of Tile’d items to their queue, such as their wallet or phone, meaning no more leaving the house without your driver’s license or critical communications device. (Naturally, the list is intended to be curated to only those things you deem necessary to bring with you, not all of your Tile-connected possessions; that said, you do you.) It’s a clever solution to a common problem—just as Tile itself is, independent of any car integration—yet there is one minor flaw: A user must actively call up the Tile app in the vehicle and run a check as they set off from home, the office, or wherever. The app won’t automatically scan for Tile pieces unless it is activated, meaning you either do this every time you enter the car or remember that you may have forgotten something.

Jaguar Land Rover Tile

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