Friday, April 15, 2016

And Then There Was One

2 East Huron

There’s not much left but space where 4 and 8 East Huron once proudly stood.

One left standing, that is.

2 East Huron

Touch-up work at the top of 10 East Huron Street.

A pair of buildings formerly located at 4 and 8 East Huron Street have been obliterated, leaving only 10 East Huron standing of the three seemingly attached, century-old structures. 10 East serves as the home of the Consulate General of Ukraine, and it’s going to stay right where it is. In fact, take a walk past the site and you might see workers touching up the west face of the building now exposed by the demolition of its closest neighbors.

The gaping void now standing at State and Huron will be a new 26-story residential tower by CA Ventures. We’d expect to see some paperwork on the Valerio Dewalt Train Associates-designed 2 East Huron any day now, assuming things are still on track. Judging by the banner on the fence, Clark Construction is anticipating that same documentation.

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