Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tesla Model 3 EV Leaked: Now You See It? [Update: Maybe Not]

Tesla Model 3 leak

UPDATE: The leaked photo comes from this video of the Model X, but the pictured car has a different front fascia than that electric crossover. It’s possible that this is a prototype or a styling buck for the Model X, as the production version lacks this vehicle’s black “grille.” We won’t have to wait too much longer to know what the actual Model 3 will look like, however; stay tuned for more info to come.

Can’t wait for Tesla to officially reveal its all-new Model 3 this evening? Here’s a preview: a photo on Instagram that seems to show this hugely important EV. While the image is blurry, the Model 3 may occupy a sort of middle ground between the sleek Model S hatchback and the taller Model X crossover.

Tesla won’t pull the covers off the Model 3 until late tonight, but we have heard some tidbits about this new model. It’s rumored to have a starting cost around $35,000 before tax benefits, a bargain compared with the $71,200–$109,200 Model S and the $81,200–$116,700 Model X. Range estimates sit at roughly 200 miles as standard equipment, with a possible 80-kWh battery upgrade potentially increasing that number to 300 miles.

Die-hard Tesla fanatics have been lining up to put deposits down for a Model 3 before the pre-ordering process opens up online tonight, and current Tesla owners get priority for reservations. Barring any delays (which Tesla has plenty of experience with), deliveries of the Model 3 are scheduled for late 2017.

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