Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Envy the Blind Faith of the Brand-Loyal Car Shopper, Or: Why Can’t I Be a Chevy Guy or a Ford Guy?

I Envy the Blind Faith of the Brand-Loyal Car Shopper

I wish I had an allegiance. I wish I were a Chevy guy or a Ford guy or an anything-in-particular guy. I wish I cared enough to join a club, or at least procure a decal depicting a mischievous Calvin urinating on the logo of a despised rival. But where cars are concerned, I’m an omnivore, a gigolo sidling up to whatever slab of metal begs my attention. I wish it were otherwise, because the loyalists have it easy. If you’ve got a tattoo of a Camaro—which I’ve seen—then chances are you’re going to be pretty pumped about buying a Camaro, regardless of whether Ford rolls out a GT350. Life is simpler when Calvin pees away all the decisions. READ MORE ››

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