Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ford’s Cop Cars Go Ballistic: New Armor Protects Against Armor-Piercing Ammo

Ford police interceptor ballistic armor

Say what you will about gun control, cops need to be prepared for anything these days. As such, Ford is offering new armor panels for its Police Interceptor lineup that can withstand up to .30-caliber armor-piercing ammunition.

Rated as Type IV armor by the U.S. Department of Justice, the door inserts essentially break apart the ammunition on impact to prevent them from penetrating the interior. The first layer, a ballistic-grade ceramic tile, breaks up the bullet, while the aramid fiber beyond that stops the shrapnel from traveling any farther. In a video test provided by Ford, the ballistic panels provide full protection against 7.62-mm rounds shot from an AK-47 and a Remington 700 hunting rifle, among others.

Both the Explorer-based Police Interceptor Utility and the Taurus-based Police Interceptor will offer the Type IV armor, becoming the first factory police vehicles that can be equipped with ballistic armor of this level. Ford cop cars had previously offered Type III armor, which protects against all handgun and non-armor piercing bullets up to .30 caliber, as an extra-cost option. The decision to add this additional, optional protection apparently came from police feedback, as officers noted (frighteningly) that more criminals have access to armor-piercing rifle ammunition as of late.

from Car and Driver Blog

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