Thursday, March 3, 2016

11 of the Wildest Rides of the 2016 Geneva Auto Show

Craziest Tuner Rides and Vaporware at the 2016 Geneva auto showTechrules AT96Techrules AT96Kahn Design Aston Martin VengeanceKahn Design Aston Martin VengeanceNanoFlowcell QuantinoNanoFlowcell QuantinoAC Schnitzer ACL2 ConceptThe short story is this: The M235i’s engine has been ditched in favor of a unit plucked from under the hood of the M4. The long story goes something like this: Benefiting from an AC Schnitzer performance upgrade—what, you thought they’d go to all that trouble for the M4’s mere 455 ponies?—the M4’s twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six was massaged to produce a formidable 570 horsepower for ACL2 duty. Contributing the horsepower buffet is an AC Schnitzer downpipe and sports exhaust with special catalytic converter. To dial up the insanity just a bit more, AC Schnitzer eliminated that pesky top-speed limiter while it was in there reprogramming the software. READ MORE >>Mansory 4XX SiracusaIt might be tolerable to behold, but the Siracusa didn’t completely escape Mansory’s hammy fists. The engine has been juiced to shove out a claimed 790 horsepower, shortening the trip to 60 mph by 0.1 second and raising the top speed to 211 mph. (Again, according to Mansory.) Lowering springs likely can’t match the standard 488GTB setup’s elán, and bring the already low car into “avoid speed bump” territory.Mansory Mercedes-AMG GT SMansory Mercedes-AMG GT SNimrod ConcordeNimrod ConcordeNimrod LemonsNimrod LemonsNimrod Avanti ToroNimrod Avanti ToroArash AF8Arash AF8Arash AF10Arash AF10
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