Thursday, February 11, 2016

There’s Nowhere This Russian Mini-ATV/Truck/Beast Can’t Go [Video]

-If you’re driving around off-road in the Russian wilderness, you ‘re going to encounter all sorts of snow, ice, mud, dirt, logs, grizzly bears, piles of ushankas, discarded military hardware—you name it. So any all-terrain vehicle you wield had better be able to tackle all terrains. And from the looks of it, these little, big-wheeled mini-trucks can do just that, even if they look more adorable than imposing.

You can see the little buggers in action in Alex Rudoi’s video above. They have large tires with paddle-like tread that provide buoyancy and allow them to putter around in the water, and, while ice traction could be better, they look like hellacious fun.

This sturdy little vehicle is called the SHERP, and it’s based off a 2010 DIY design from Alexei Garagashyan that used a welded tube frame. On land, the SHERP can reach speeds near 30 mph, and in water they can chug along at just over three. But perhaps best of all is the price, which according to the SHERP website, is only about $50,000 in U.S. dollars. It goes without saying that we want a whole fleet for the office. See more clips of them in action:

A version of this story originally appeared at Popular Mechanics.

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