Thursday, February 4, 2016

Kevin Hart Uses Hyundai Genesis to Stalk Daughter’s Date in Funny Super Bowl Ad

Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl 50

As we all continue to wrangle with the usefulness of wearables like Apple’s Watch and their place in the car, Hyundai has crafted perhaps the best example yet of the tech’s potential with its latest Super Bowl 50 ad. Hyundai is among a few automakers that have integrated wearables with its in-car infotainment and telematics suite, in this case, Blue Link, and the automaker’s “First Date” spot zeroes in on the integration’s vehicle-tracking possibilities.

Or rather, we should say, Kevin Hart homes in on the location of his Genesis sedan, which he loans to a potential suitor to his daughter for their date. Hart, of course, tracks the Genesis’s location—and thus that of his daughter and her man friend—and uses the intel to foil the young man’s attempts to get to know her better.

The commercial, besides being pretty funny, works on multiple levels, connecting with fathers, daughters, and the young guns who’ve tussled with both, not to mention consumers who perhaps didn’t realize how tech-savvy Hyundai’s become. (Hyundai’s other Super Bowl 50 ads, for the Elantra, show off Blue Link’s voice-activated remote-start feature that also works through a wearable, as well as its automatic emergency-braking function.) Also, Kevin Hart is hilarious. Take a look for yourself:

from Car and Driver Blog

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