Friday, February 26, 2016

Advertising the 1990s: It Was Longer Ago than You Think

1990s AdsAh, the 1990s. Not yet seen in the retro-ironic light that has washed over the ’80s, and yet they’re now officially a generation ago and things really were different then. Advertising is nothing if not a cultural barometer, and this roundup of ads from the ’90s provides a good indication of which way the winds blew.

To realize how long ago it was, note the ads from relatively newfangled Japanese luxury-brand start-ups Infiniti and Lexus. We also see a last gasp from Alfa Romeo (for a while anyway) and the introduction of a new sports-car icon, the Miata. Some well-known campaigns from the era include Porsche’s, which combined high-art photography with minimal copy, Nissan’s appeals to dog lovers, and a cartoon camel selling smokes.



Cincinnati Microwave Communications – January 1990

1990s Best Ads:



Infiniti – April 1990




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Chevrolet Caprice – May 1990

1990s Best Ads:



Alfa Romeo – July 1990




Mazda Miata – July 1990




Lexus GS – March 1994




Dodge Neon – April 1994




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Joe Camel – April 1994




Chevrolet Impala SS – April 1994




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Nissan Maxima – July 1994




Porsche 911 Turbo – April 1995




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Car and Driver Online – October 1997




Nissan Frontier – December 1997


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