Monday, January 4, 2016

Walk Together, Rock Together: Bentley Now Offering Stone Veneer Trim

Bentley Mulliner Stone

Look out, honey, ‘cause they’re using geology! Having run the gamut of veneers—including some fabulous burl sliced from a 400-year-old walnut tree that fell during a storm in Lincolnshire a few years back—the folks in Crewe have moved on to stone as a trim material.

Bentley Mulliner Stone

Bentley is not the first to fiddle with the stoniest interior notion—Mercedes-Benz recently offered granite trim as a designo option, but Bentley doesn’t bother with granite, perhaps deeming it too closely associated with kitchen remodels featuring a heavy application of medium-density fiberboard. Instead, the Volkswagen unit is looking to the former crown jewel of the British Empire, sourcing slate and quartzite from quarries in Rajasthan and Andrha Pradesh, and offering the stone veneer through its fancier-pants Mulliner program.

Sliced/ground/milled/whatever to a mere 0.1 mm thickness, the wafer-thin rock is somehow bonded together using fiberglass with what Bentley calls “a bespoke resin.” Because an off-the-shelf resin clearly would not be taken seriously by the brand’s discerning customers. The stony surfaces are available in four colors on the Continental GT and Flying Spur: Autumn White, Galaxy, Terra Red, and Copper. Pick a shade, rock the block.

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