Friday, January 29, 2016

Connie Kalitta Interview: We Pick the Brain of a Drag-Racing Legend

What I'd Do Differently: Connie Kalitta

C/D: You certainly must be our only interviewee to have foiled a crazed hijacker.

CK: Christ, that was 20-some years ago. It was a guy who walked into my office and wanted to charter a Learjet to Washington, D.C. When we asked for a credit card, he opened his briefcase and pulled out a knife. At knifepoint, I led him into the jet but didn’t lock the door behind us. I knew the police would come—or I hoped. So he climbed into the right seat, and I started the engines, just idling. That’s when the state police parked their cruiser in front of us. Now the hijacker goes really berserk and I started wrestling with him to get the knife. I got cut up some. But before it got real bad, a cop pressed a gun to the guy’s head. READ MORE ››

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