Monday, December 28, 2015

Picture This: Our 25 Hottest Car Photos of the Year!

Here at Car and Driver, we're lucky enough to drive and test some pretty amazing cars, and also to have the privilege to tell you about them. We pride ourselves on delivering the best reviews and the most accurate test data anywhere, but the stories we tell wouldn’t be complete without stunning imagery from our talented roster of photographers. Enjoy this selection of 25 of our favorite photos from the past year!“Just sitting in the passenger seat of the Koenigsegg One:1 as it attacks a wet runway is, in terms of spiked adrenaline, somewhere between a solo sky dive and being chased by a bull while running in red pants.” —Mike Duff"On a feline scale, it would be an angry mountain lion while the McLaren P1 is a house cat that brings in the occasional bird, and the Bugatti Veyron is an overweight old tom snoozing on the veranda, tail under an empty rocking chair." —Mike Duff READ MORE ››“For the last five decades, the toughest question for any buyer of a high-end sports car has been: ‘How do I not end up with a 911?’ ” —Mike Duff READ MORE ››“Ultra-high-definition feedback streams through the steering, the chassis reacts like that of a 14/10-scale BMW E30, and the engine hurtles the car forward with smoothness and sonorousness heretofore reserved for sixes of the straight Bavarian variety, not bent American ones” —Jared Gall READ MORE ››“My friend bought one of those and I told him it was a chick car,” he says. “Then he took me through the S-bends in Buckley. That’s a serious machine.” —Mount Rainier local"Driving pleasure hasn’t been this pure and this accessible in almost two decades." —Eric Tingwall READ MORE ››“Los Angeles in the 1950s was no more fully formed than our new magazine, with its greasy-fingernail features on tuning Solex carbs” —Aaron Robinson"Whether you call it the 300SL, the W198, or its German nickname, der Flügeltüren, the Gullwing represents a maniacal sword beaten into an exquisite plowshare." —Aaron Robinson READ MORE ››“Duff earns a pint by describing the P1’s induction noise as a cardio workout in Darth Vader’s helmet.” —Aaron Robinson"About a third of the roads have no speed limit, and handguns are legal, with 18,000 registered. The Isle of Man is, basically, what Texas wants to be." —Aaron Robinson READ MORE ››“That’s the joy of this car; both the engine and the chassis try desperately to win hearts and minds. It’s fun to be the swing vote in the battle for car control.”"The GT S’s 2:51.0 lap alone is worthy of amazement, but what shocked us more was how much fun we had in AMG’s latest sports car. “ —Car and Driver Tech Staff READ MORE ››“It’s as if Ford’s engineers got punch-drunk on performance after churning out the Shelby GT350 and the new F-150 Raptor, turned to one another and asked, “What’s next?” The answer, of course, was to once again take aim at the big guns from Europe.” —Alexander Stoklosa READ MORE ››“Makes sweet, vigorous love to the road.” —Eddie Alterman READ MORE ››“We definitely have a different opinion than Ferrari.” —Ted Klaus, NSX chief engineerIt’s a seamless operation and a vision of a future when all cars will be bionic. —Aaron Robinson READ MORE ››“The Vsport chassis speaks to drivers as if they’re all weekend warriors, but without forgoing the balance between handling and ride, which in this case is among the best on the road today.” —K.C. Colwell“For racers, by racers” is the internal motto for the Cadillac Alpha teams, and it fits." —K.C. Colwell READ MORE ››“Think of the $148,250 i8 as the working rich man’s 918 Spyder.” —Tony Quiroga READ MORE ››“After two and a half days spent circling VIR, we posted some of our quickest times ever. Lightning Lap might wrack our nerves and keep us up, but it’s also one of the best workweeks anyone can imagine. It’s a rare instance of reality far exceeding the dream.” READ MORE ››“It is a genuine carbon-fiber Italian exotic, a mid-engined mini-Ferrari with a Spartan in¬teri¬or and a roughness around the edges. And it doesn’t cost more than your house.” READ MORE ››“Never too loud or obstreperous, this engine has a beguiling howl that commences at around 3500 rpm and holds resolutely to the 8700-rpm fuel cut. Combine that with the soft chortle that follows every abrupt lift of the throttle, and you have an engine that knows how to maintain a captivating dialogue.” —Don Sherman READ MORE ››“If you’re going to venture deep into NASCAR country—and, for that matter, the sport’s liquor-running foundations—you need a machine with some bona fides. The Australian-built SS is Chevrolet’s current NASCAR muse, its 415-hp V-8 and rear-drive platform lending some connection, however tenuous, between the cars on the street and the ones on the high ovals. This thing’s so Southern, it’s built in the Southern Hemisphere. G’day, y’all.” —Ezra Dyer READ MORE ››“The heavy R changes direction with a furious urgency and slot-cars through tight corners at stupendously brisk speeds, the rear end gently pushing, gently nudging the nose in your desired direction. There’s so little fuss to it all—no squawking of tires, no torque steer when the big blow comes on, no tugging from the wheel or shimmying as you blast away on afterburner.” —Aaron Robinson READ MORE ››“In the face of ever-tightening emissions and carbon-dioxide regulations, it’s unclear how much longer carmakers will be able to offer big, ground-pounding V-8 sedans and coupes at middle-class prices. So if you don’t quite have the scratch for a Hellcat but don’t want to pussyfoot around with lesser muscle sedans, do not hesitate to check out the Charger R/T Scat Pack.” —Ron Sessions READ MORE ››
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